Two Part Sectional Sofa by Ralph Morse Furniture

USA, 1958


Two part sectional sofa by Ralph Morse Furniture. It has sleek, low lines and nicely proportioned, square arms. Each section has casters on the front and legs on the back. You could orient this as a single long sofa, or add a corner table in the center to form an L-shaped sectional. A great option to place a long sofa in a difficult-to-maneuver-in space such as a basement. The frame is of absolute top quality. 


CONDITION NOTES: Original fabric and foam. Foam is hardened. Sofa should be completely reupholstered with all new foam. You could add a single line of tufting to the back if desired. 


DIMENSIONS: 98" W x 31.5" D x 26.5" H; Seat Height, 16"; Arm Height, 20.75"

Each section measures 49" W

Two Part Sectional Sofa by Ralph Morse Furniture


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