Chunky Solid Walnut Sofa with Craft Associates Labels

USA, 1960s

Chunky Walnut Sofa with Craft Associates labels. The solid American black walnut frame adds a great design line to what is otherwise a simple frame. The walnut has warm, rich tones and is gorgeous! The rounded through tenon detail on each leg adds a Brazilian vibe. The cushions at the back side and the side arm cushions have a unique interlocking, puzzle-like design. Unsure of designer- likely designed by either Adrian Pearsall or Lawrence Peabody. An uncommon Craft Associates piece that is cool, loungey and also comfortable. 


CONDITION NOTES: Vinyl upholstery has an allover crackle wear pattern and some marked depressions to the vinyl at the back. Solid walnut frame has some marks and nicks. Sofa has a slight 'basement' odor. Although the current vinyl presents very well and has no rips or tears, reupholstery is recommended. I mention this odor in a spirit of full disclosure- although it's not terrible terrible, and may improve with some time in the sun, it's hard to tell with these things.


DIMENSIONS: 84" W x 33.5" D x 27" H; Seat Height, 16.5"; Arm Height, 21". 

Chunky Walnut Sofa with Craft Associates Labels


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