Modern Sectional Sofa- 3 Pieces

USA, 1970s


Modern Sectional Sofa in khaki cotton. Sectional consists of a long sofa (could be standalone), a two seat right arm piece, and a single armless section- three pieces total. This sofa has a nice floating effect resulting from the recessed, solid oak base. It is very comfortable and an excellent size- not oversized, not petite- though with plenty of room for two people to fully stretch out. No maker's marks remain- appears to have been reupholstered in the current fabric at some point in its life. 


CONDITION NOTES: Fabric has various marks, imperfections, and small separations at some seams. Foam is soft and sofa is very comfortable. No odor. Very usable as is, reupholstery is also available in your fabric or ours. 

Long 3 Seat Sofa Section, 94.5" L x 114" x 34" D x 26" H
Medium 2 Seat Section with Right Arm, 52.5" L x 34" D x 26" H
Armless Single Seat Section, 26.5" x 34" D x 26" H

Modern Sectional Sofa- 3 Pieces


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