Vintage Solid Maple Rolling Pin with Ball Bearings 16.5" Length

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USA, 1960s

Vintage Rolling Pin with Ball Bearings in Solid Maple. This is the kind of rolling pin that makes baking easier. The ball bearings between each handle and the 'rolling' part of the body mean that the rolling part of the pin moves while the handles stay in one place- makes it easier to 'roll out' crust or dough as your hands don't need to roll with the pin. The solid maple is well crafted with a subtle chamfer at the ends of the cylindrical center piece and rounded handles for a friendly grip. The finish is warm and golden. This is heirloom quality vintage.

My postal scale says this rolling pin weighs 1 lb 1.6 ounces.

CONDITION NOTES: In excellent condition. The surface is even, smooth, and ready to use- no chips, no divots, no cracks.

DIMENSIONS: Rolling surface measures 9.75" L x 2" Diameter; handles are each 3.25" Long. Overall, measures 16.5" Long.