Turquoise Ombre Ceramic Art Deco Style Table Lamp

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USA, 1940s

Beautiful and unusual art deco / midcentury modern table lamp in an ombre turquoise glaze with ebonized, curving wooden fittings. Lamp comes with original shade, which is in poor condition, but can be used for a model on the size and shape- nicely fit. Offers a pop of color along with graphic impact. The base and top are in ebonized wood and have an amoeba-like form.

Shade is pictured and dimensions are provided; shipping is quoted without the shade, as it is pretty dingy. If you would like the original shade, shipping will increase due to the additional cost to ship. I would recommend ordering a new shade from Fenchel Shades or your favorite custom shade provider instead of spending the additional money on shipping the shade. 

CONDITION NOTES: Felt lined base, original wiring is in working condition. Ebonized fittings show some finish wear. 

DIMENSIONS: Lamp body measures 9.25" W x 5.25" D x 17 3/8" H (body only); Measures 22.75" H to the top of the socket; 32" H to the top of the finial. Shade measures 19.25" W x 10.25" D x 12.25" H