Thin Edge Rosewood Nightstand by George Nelson

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USA, 1950s Thin edge rosewood nightstand by George Nelson for Herman Miller. Uncommon round aluminum and black enamel pulls; four drawers. Ebonized wooden legs are reinforced by steel brackets. Retains foil label in top right drawer.    Note: LTR table and chair are pictured to show scale.    CONDITION NOTES: In good original condition. The right side has a scratched area that appears to have been touched up; the top left back has a very slight, lighter circular mark, probably from a lamp (not a water ring- it's hard to see unless you catch the light right- can be seen in one of the photos); back top right has a ding; light marks to the edges of the ebonized legs. Generally even tone and color and presents nicely. All drawers move smoothly and are very clean.    DIMENSIONS: 24" W x 18.5" D x 27.5" H