Rosewood Herman Miller Eames Lounge

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USA, 1978   An iconic and authentic Herman Miller Eames lounge chair and ottoman from 1978 with brazilian rosewood panels and dark chocolate brown leather cushions. This chair was a Herman Miller employee purchase in 1978. This is a matched set in overall very good condition for its age, particularly the rosewood panels. The dark brown leather cushions have allover scratching to the leather.   ROSEWOOD SHELLS: The rosewood frame on this chair and ottoman are in excellent condition for a vintage lounge. The figuring in the rosewood is warm and attractive. It’s a warm selection of rosewood with great contrast. There is one very slim long chip to the top right edge of the top rosewood panel; the ottoman has one edge chip at the side of the ottoman. See photos. Overall the edges are in very good condition, smooth and nice.   SHOCK MOUNTS: The shock mounts are all original and are in great condition as pictured with no separation. They are all original and have not been repaired. They do not have any screws through the rosewood.   LEATHER CUSHIONS: The leather cushions have even wear and many even and shallow scratches to the brown leather. They have beautiful geometry and proportions still. There is one very tiny tear in the leather beneath the left armpad (very hard to see unless you are looking for it). The cushions are comfortable and feel great, and they are resilient. New cushion set is available if you prefer it, black or white, call to check on pricing 616.856.0506.   This chair is an iconic design and sure to look fantastic in your home. A vintage eames lounge chair will always retain its value better than a ‘new’ lounge. The construction quality is also higher in a vintage lounge and the materials, such as rosewood, are from old growth forests and no longer available.