Pair of Industrial Filing Cabinets by Remington Rand

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USA, 1960s

Great colors and plenty of cheerful industrial appeal in this pair of heavy duty steel filing cabinets by Remington Rand Aristocrat. A mismatched pair. These are substantial and yet can be moved relatively easily on a hand truck. Price is for the pair.

CONDITION NOTES: Functional, age-appropriate nicks, marks, scratches, and wear, variation in color on sides of cabinets. The drawers all roll and open and close without much issue, a couple are just slightly more sticky and don't completely roll shut if you push them- but you can push the final 1/4 inch or so in to close without much effort or resistance. The left cabinet drawer that is the third one down has a dent at the lower left bottom corner. The right cabinet on the very bottom has a dent at the left lower bottom corner.

DIMENSIONS: 15" W x 28" D (not counting pulls) x 57.5" H; Depth measured to the end of the pulls is 29 1/8" D