Oval Walnut Dining Table with Brass Edges by Paul McCobb - 6 Leaves

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USA, 1960s Oval walnut dining table designed by Paul McCobb for Calvin. This elegant piece is a beautifully scaled combination of walnut and brass. The legs are banded and linked with brass, and the full perimeter of the table has a substantial, though also delicate brass edge band. The table without leaves measures 62.5" W, but comes with six matching 11" leaves, making the table very large- 128.5" W- when fully extended. There is a double center leg that supports the extended length when the leaves are in place. Comes with the table pads.    CONDITION NOTES: The finish is highly polished and very luminous. It has age-appropriate light marks and some scratching / surface wear to the table top, sun fading in places; oxidation to parts of the brass trim and edging. The brass edging is flipping up in a one area. The legs show some scratching and marks. Without leaves, the table currently does not close the last 4" or so of the gap between the two sides of the table. If you have at least one or more leaf in, it closes as designed. This is undoubtedly a very serviceable mechanical issue in this 60-year-old table, but is noted because we have not determined how to close that last 4" or so. One leaf is missing its brass edge detail.    DIMENSIONS: 62.25" W x 41.25" D x 29.25" H; each leaf adds 11"; Length with leaves inserted is 73.25", 84.25", 95.25", 106.25", 117.25", and 128.25"