Organic Framed Printed Textile by Marimekko

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Finland, 1972   Stretched printed cotton textile by mother and daughter team Maija and Kristina Isola for Marimekko. Organic yet graphic design with deep brown-maroon trees and birds on a natural background.   The Tuuli print is based on a photograph Isola took in Paris. She lived in Paris over several stints in the late 1960s and spent hours wandering through the parks or reading on the grass. In one park, she photographed a tree that held special meaning for her. This photo was developed into the Tuuli fabric.   The reverse is printed 'Marimekko Maija Isola: "Tuuli" Marimekko OY 1972 Suomi-Finland'   This is a larger scale hanging piece- over four feet high.   CONDITION NOTES: There is some slight discoloration to the fabric, but due to the nature of the pattern, the stains are not very noticeable.   DIMENSIONS: 38ʺ W x 1/2 ʺ D × 50ʺ H