Modular Low Credenza by Johnson Furniture

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USA, 1960s Modular Low walnut credenza by Johnson Furniture. This is long and low but easy to move, as it disassembles into four parts- the base and three cabinets. The doors join to form an unusual and graphic bow tie design. Each door is easy to open via recessed finger pulls on the walnut doors. The revealed color is a bright tomato red, but could easily be lacquered any other color as those panels can unscrew easily from the doors. All six feet are clad in thick brass. Doors have nice piano hinges.  The left cabinet contains a height adjustable pull out tray; each of the other two cabinets has a single height adjustable shelf.    The base is narrower than the cabinets, and so even though it is very long, it is narrow and short, and can be maneuvered into many spaces.  This cabinet has so much attention to detail- the pattern / orientation of the grain matches from the sides to the top- it has a beautifully spare 'square' base- and the geometry in how the cabinets 'join' to the base is very pleasing. The view from all angles is excellent!  This cabinet is so long that it really functions as an architectural piece- like a moveable built-in cabinet or even a room divider. It is the perfect height for a television / media stand.  Each cabinet fits into the base by cleats on the underside. The cabinets were designed to be screwed in to the base but rest securely even when not screwed in.    Likely designed by Renzo Rutili or Bert England- both designers for Johnson Furniture during this time period.    CONDITION NOTES: Top surface had adhesive strips on it; adhesive has been removed, revealing the bare wood. Top surfaces need to be refinished. Various scratching to the top surfaces; some marks to cabinet faces; small holes were cut in two of the cabinets for cord routing.   DIMENSIONS: Overall, 99" W x 18" D x 25 3/8" H Each individual cabinet is 33" W x 18" D x 19" H; Interior cabinet dimensions are 31" W x 16.5" D x 16.5" H; Base alone measures 97.125" W x 15.75" D x 7" H (15.25" D for the wood frame only- not including the legs, which protrude slightly past the rectangular frame)