Modern Tufted Sofa in Black Vinyl with an Aluminum Frame

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USA, 1970s

Modern armless sofa with black tufted vinyl upholstery on an aluminum frame. The style reminds me of a few designers' work- Nicos Zographos, Mies Van der Rohe, Ward Bennett, Vladimir Kagan, Osvaldo Borsani - the designer is unknown. This would work very well in a commercial setting, as it is armless and so easy to enter from either side. It would also float very nicely in a lobby, office, or store. The aluminum legs are trimmed out on the lower part of the sofa frame, continuing the silver line nicely from the legs to the frame.   

CONDITION NOTES: Reupholstery is recommended- vinyl has rubs, scrapes, and tears in various places.   

DIMENSIONS: 72" W x 27" D