Ming Style Brass and Ivory End Table by Mastercraft

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USA, 1980s

Ming Style Brass and Ivory end table by Mastercraft.  This table is unbelievably heavy for its size. The base is in solid brass with very nice Ming-style shaped legs. The top surface is in a textured ivory lacquer finish that looks similar to leather or parchment. There is a raised brass bead trim border on the table top. The brass base is in an antiqued brass finish and is in excellent condition, notably without significant oxidation as some of these brass tables can have.
CONDITION NOTES: Brass base is in excellent overall condition considering its age- it only has a few minor scuffs and marks. Most surfaces of the brass base are in great shape- view is provided on all sides of the table. The top lacquered surface has some light marks, edge scuffing, and slight variation in color to the finish. 
DIMENSIONS: 26" W x 24" D x 24" H