Handcrafted Mexican Sterling Silver and Wood Crucifix

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Mexico, 1960s   Handcrafted Mexican sterling silver and wood crucifix made by the Benedictine monks at “Talleres Monásticos Cuernavaca” in the 1960s. This artistic depiction of the crucified Christ is handmade from a flat panel of sterling silver attached and raised off the ebonized wooden cross. Maker’s mark reading 'Talleres Monastico Sterling 925' is in sterling silver affixed to the back side. The cross appears to have a shorter top section and longer arms than most, but both lengths are actually even. The 'nails' are brass and are cylindrical, and quite large proportionate to the body. The body, though flat, has detailed, incised decoration from ribs to hair and even knees, and the bends made to the flattened silver vary, suggesting the contours of the body- one leg is raised up higher than the other and each foot is slightly splayed. The fingers are individually cut and very nicely detailed, curling up around the huge brass nails.   Talleres Monasticos (Benedictine monks) made items for the Sanborn's store in Mexico City and Los Castillo in Taxco. The workshop (now closed) developed very well crafted stylized liturgical work depicting saints, virgins and biblical scenes, mounted on ebonized wooden bases.   CONDITION NOTES: Excellent condition.   DIMENSIONS: 5.5" W x 5.5" H x 1" D