George Nelson Action Office High Desk

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USA, 1964 George Nelson Action Office high desk with tambour roll-top design. Aluminum frame and beautiful blue color. Retains round foil label. The Action Office series won the Nelson office two design awards with its innovative use of filing space and modern variation on the traditional roll-top desk design.   The blue color appears to be a match to the blue in George Nelson steel frame pieces. One side of the desk has some sunfading to the blue lacquer- producing a very beautiful turquoise color. The blue paint has some small age appropriate nicks. The tambour roll-top is in exceptional condition, cosmetically and functionally. I believe the tambour is oak as the interior of the filing cabinet at the back side of the desk is oak, but it may actually be sun-bleached walnut. At the back of the desk is a built-in storage place for hanging files.   The desk is wired, for what I'm not sure, and it is unknown if the wiring is in working condition (this is the wire you can see at right).   This piece is in excellent original condition.    See our other items for the matching wall-mounted Action Office shelf.      DIMENSIONS:  49.5" W x 32.5" D x 43.5" H