Framed Print- Youngerman at Pace / Columbus

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Framed poster - Youngerman at Pace / Columbus. Produced by Pace Posters for Youngerman's exhibition at Pace Gallery in Columbus, Ohio

A striking, high quality, original framed lithograph from American artist Jack Youngerman (1926-2020). This is a five color lithograph, printed in 1971. Not numbered or signed.

ABOUT: Jack Youngerman’s work combines hard-edged geometry with organic forms and fluid contours. Influenced by Henri Matisse while living in Paris in the 1940s and ’50s, Youngerman creates vibrant painted compositions, occasionally within shaped canvases. His works conjure various associations: Matisse’s paper cutouts, Rorschach patterns, and kaleidoscopic mandalas. After Youngerman returned to New York in the mid-1950s, his work was grouped with and exhibited alongside his contemporaries Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella.

Abstract Expressionism | Modern | Pop Art

CONDITION NOTES: Framed, ready to hang. Some waviness to the poster under the glass- see note on sticker on back- 'A valuable print is framed without mounting. Mounting impairs its value. The lack of mounting sometimes causes waves in the print, especially in damp weather. It usually flattens again in dry weather. An observer who knows this realizes he is looking at a valued print.' There appears to be some sun fading to the print. Presents nicely. 

Framed, 24.25" W x 20.25" H x 3/4" D
Printed area (color field only) is approximately 20.25 W x 20 3/8" H