Chinoiserie Folding Screen or Room Divider

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China, 1940s-1960s

Folding screen or room divider in black lacquer with hand painted decoration. Chic and functional chinoiserie piece. Each side of the screen has a different design- one side is florals, birds, and bamboo; the other has a detailed scene including bows, staffs, lotus flowers, instruments, and various figures who appear to be in the sea, including a horseman.

Each panel on this side has a motif at the bottom- a flower basket, I'm not sure what the second one is, a lily pad and sword, and a piece of bamboo with sticks in it and maybe a leaf? They all look like they have some kind of symbolism to them that I don't recognize. The top part of this panel is obviously telling a story (if you know what it is, please comment).   This came from a really great estate- it was an architect-designed modern home- with truly exquisite zen gardens.  

CONDITION NOTES: Chipping at edges, losses to finish in places, fine surface scratching, oxidation to brass fittings. Nothing is loose in terms of hinges- stable, functions / stands well.   

DIMENSIONS: Folded, 16 1/8" x 3.5" D x 72" H; Each section is 7/8" thickness and there are 4 of them.