Bernhard Rohne for Mastercraft Buffet

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USA, 1980s Jewel-like console or buffet in acid etched brass by renowned metal artist Bernhard Rohne for Mastercraft. This piece is impressive- beautifully golden with a brass clad frame, beautiful drop hardware on each of the six panels, and jewel-like acid etching on the top, sides, and front. Comes with original tag from Baker, Knapp, & Tubbs showroom showing the model Model 1074B Buffet - Art Brass- and original price of $5,138. There are three sets of doors that have magnetic latches and open to three different open cabinets with their interiors finished in a golden satin lacquer. Even more striking in person. Excellent proportion and size- cabinet is a generous 21" depth. CONDITION NOTES: Beautiful. Excellent. Only notes I can find are that there is a section on the top right where it appears there is an area that is a mark, not acid etching- it blends in so well it's hard to tell if that is accurate. See photos. Interior of far right cabinet has a couple of rings and red marks to the interior only. Otherwise excellent.   DIMENSIONS: 78" W x 21" D x 29.5" H