Q: Do you have hours? 

A: No. We do not have any 'store hours' or a traditional storefront. We have a warehouse space within a large factory building on the NW side of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We photograph our inventory and provide detailed condition assessments along with dimensions so that you can shop online at your convenience. We understand that locals will often want to see a piece in person- this is the by appointment part. 

Q: When can I see an item?

A: Please call or text in advance to set an appointment to see an item.


We are by appointment only at our warehouse. It is not a store, and you are best off pre-shopping online. You will also need to be directed where to go as it is a large building with multiple entrances. Covered loading / pickup is available at either our drive-up ramp or standard height loading dock.

Please call, text, or email to set an appointment in advance- info@shopnueve.com - (616) 856-0506 - call or text.